Marc Pritchard

Werewombat out of water!



High Concept: Were-wombat out of water
Trouble: I don’t live up to my uncle’s expectations.
A Wombat from Embarrassment
I just want a place I fit in.
Just in the background.


4 – Stealth
3 – Athletics, Notice
2 – Fight, Investigate, Physique
1 – Resources, Burglary, Lore, Will

Wombat Form
I know someone on the Internet! (2 Lore when helped by a friend on the Internet)
Vicious when cornered (
2 Fight when cornered and alone)


Gender: Male
Species: Were-wombat

The nephew of the Australian Headmaster, Marc is a… bit of an embarrassment in a family of elite shapeshifters. He spends much of his time on Tumblr and Otherkin communities.

Marc Pritchard

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