• St. Trainians – Training Ground for Young Female Criminals of Every Flavor
  • Paprika — technology to invade dreams
  • Ranma — land of 1000 lakes
  • MegaMan
  • Presidential Biographies of the 1920s
  • James Bond / Archer
  • Wizards — animated movie with Hitler and spherical horses
  • Persona
  • Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters [not actually enjoyable]
  • Aesop’s Fables
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena


  • Training Ground for Young Female Criminals of Every Flavor
  • technology to invade dreams
  • Land of 1000 lakes
  • Kill people and steal abilities
  • Going off to exotic countries and doing subtle plots with cool gadgets — sleek cinematic style
  • Swords and Sorcery and Hidden Tech — not readily available
  • Noir
  • Blurring line between reality and metaphor / surreal spaces
  • School setting
  • Research scientists / Gadgets
  • Mind Fuck Anime
  • Teaching you to use special abilities, but might lock you away
  • Sugar Sickness — not really
  • Episodic, and not necessarily is the outcome clear at the beginning
  • talking animals are cool to some extent

Genre: Enlightened University

  • Episodic
  • Anime
  • Superpowers and Personal Problems
  • Conspiracy and Horror, obviously


Who runs the school?

  • Nobody knows, but it has always been there.
  • There is a Student Council with power and hated public administration in charge, though outside funding is clearly coming in.
  • There is a maskerade where only different people get in. Everyone is there for some reason, but nobody necessarily knows why.

Where do graduates go?

  • There is a career fair where secret organizations go recruiting. There is some competition between groups like the Illuminati and Project Imagine and the like.

What do we think happens to people when they can’t graduate?

  • They are not reforming delinquents but taking the rough edges off them enough to work for Dr. Evil effectively.
  • This is a great place for experimental subjects.

Guidance Councilors?

  • Guidance councilors give jobs and internships. “If you survive, the compensation is quite nice.”

Are there other schools like this, and if so, what are the intermural sports like?

  • If the numbers hold out, China should have a lot of people there. There are other schools, but they are not friendly to each other. They may or may not have the same purpose. There could be a sister school somewhere. There is another school on the moon. There are some international students, but some countries keep theirs in borders (eg China).
    • Shorter version: There are schools in China(pressed into service) and the Moon and India and Antarctica and Europe(Hungarian school of Laundry Mathematicians) and Brazil(ancient Inca school) and Australia and Egypt and Atlantis.

Do students get to travel?

  • It’s a privilege that students have to earn. It comes on assignment. Students have tracking devices. If you don’t return, Alumni come to hunt you down.

What about family?

  • Potemkin style visits where you don’t get to see much. Letters home are heavily edited and redacted.

Who is messing with dreams?

  • An enemy is trying to undermine or control the school. Ultimately, it’s from a character with dream-manipulation abilities. Divided opinion on which.

What is the age range?

  • Broader age range from teens to early 20s — eg Simon’s Rock.

St. Jude’s College of Enlightenment


  • Australian School just disappeared.
  • People have been having merged dreams, including mundanes, neighbors, and investigators.
  • Tension with the Chinese.
  • Underground group of students to revolt against the administration — they don’t like being used for experiments.
  • Tension with the townies, and a student-townie love plot.
  • There is an absurdly powerful student government — there is a seat opening up.


  • Legacy — No school in Australia has ever lasted more than a year. Another new school has opened.
  • Current — Strange dreams are causing conflict between students and townies.
  • Impending — Seat on the Student Council available for whoever is best at the Interschool Murderball Competition.


  • We’ve got things completely under control… ?
  • Dreams can tear you apart.
  • Everybody loves a winner.
  • Murder is a team sport.
  • Where wolf?


  • Bruce — Australian Headmaster (Contacts) — very authoritarian
  • Cassie (for Cassandra) — psychic with dreams and visions of doom
  • Upset Townie Representative — Annoying board of selectman (recently elected) is very anti-school
  • Giles from Buffy — owns new age shop and is getting more business from the dreams
  • Rival Draco Malfoy that has popular support to be murderball champion
  • Team captain who doesn’t like Draco ostensibly because Draco doesn’t follow team directions and upstaging the team captain — “Murder is a team sport”
  • Mysterious and conceited student council president.
  • Miki (Utena) — quieter student council representative
  • Janitor from breakfast club — font of knowledge but doesn’t care to share.


  • Australia
    • Everything is trying to kill you
  • Murderball Court — think Utena duelling court
    • Nothing is against the rules
  • Giles’ Shop
    • I think I’ve got that in the back room.
  • The Room — where experiments take place
    • Just Don’t Ask
  • Councilman Sanderson’s Office
    • Everything in its right place.
  • Student Council Chambers
    • Here Be Goths
  • Dreamworld
    • I didn’t want you to know that.


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